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A micro-fine mist is hand sprayed and evenly applied over the body.  This allows us to customize your tan based on your skin tone, height, weight and body shape thus eliminating overspray, streaking and the UGLY orange hands and feet syndrome that you will find from booth spray tans. 


According to the American Academy of Dermatology and the Skin Cancer Foundation, the most effective and safe way to tan is by using sunless or self-tanning products that contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. We also provide ear, nose and lip protection for your safety. 


What is an airbrush tan? 

Studio location:

Upon arrival you will be escorted to a private room where you will disrobe and slip into a spa gown.  Barrier cream will be applied to any dry areas of your body to prevent discoloration.  You will step into the tanning area where your airbrush tan will be hand applied. The entire process should take about 15 minutes.  Once the session is completed you will be able to dress immediately.  Voilà …you are tan!


During our intial phone consultation we will discuss your skin tone and tanning expectaions. Once an appoinment is scheduled you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to prepare your skin for the tanning session.  


The following recommendations will help maximize the longevity and appearance of your spray tan:  


The better moisturized your skin, better the result. This means prior to your tanning session moisturize at least twice a day and drink lots of water.  


If possible, the NIGHT BEFORE your treatment please shower, exfoliate, shave and moisturize with lotion not oil. For exfoliating we recommend using exfoliating gloves and/or a mild, oil free exfoliant. Pay special attention to your legs, knees, ankles, feet, elbows and knuckles. If you have really dry skin you may apply a small amount of lotion (not oil) the morning of your tan.  


Note:  If you shower too close to the tanning session speckling may occur.  This is when the solution pools in your pores.  Try to shower at least 5 hours before your scheduled appointment.  



How to prepare for my appointment? 

What to expect during my appointment?  

Women may wear a dark colored swimming suit, underwear, or opt for no tan lines at all. We ask that men wear some type of swimsuit or underwear. Make sure your skin is free of makeup, perfumes, lotions, oils, deodorants, gels or any product on the skin that would create a barrier. Also, remove all jewelry (keep jewelry off for at least 8-10 hours after your tan). After your session please wear dark loose fitting clothing along with flip/flops or sandles.  

What do I wear for my tanning session? 

You can expect your tan to last 7 to 10 days depending on how well you maintain your skin.  Moisturize twice a day and drink plenty of water.  

How long with my airbrush tan last? 

 Spray tanning is considered safe, however we recommend that you consult your physician prior to scheduling an appointment.
***Tan Lines will not spray a client within the first trimester of pregnancy.  

What if Im pregnant or breastfeeding?

I have a special event. When should I schedule my tan? 

We suggest scheduling your appointment anywhere from two days to the day before your event.   For our brides, we suggest booking at least 2 spray tans prior to the wedding day.  The reason for this is to ensure we capture the correct shade that compliments your skin tone, dress, and makeup.   
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